• Waldorf Rocket

    Klaar voor fun!

    Waldorf lanceert haar nieuwe fun synth 'Rocket'.

    Rocket Product Info

  • Studio One 2.5 nu beschikbaar

    Een uitgebreide gratis update

    Studio One 2.5 is nu beschikbaar. Bijna 100 nieuwe functies en fixes zijn opgenomen in deze gratis update.

    Nieuw in 2.5 Product Info

  • Universal Control 1.7

    Nu nog SMAARTer

    Software update voor de PreSonus StudioLive mixers biedt nog meer SMAART functies.

    Nieuw in UC 1.7 Product Info

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Waldorf Rocket

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Waldorf Pulse 2 No one expected this Rocket launch, which is in clear violation of several UN resolutions and basic laws of physics. Unlike conventional missiles, this one comes in a square shape and will be sold world-wide in complete ignorance of German governments exports restrictions.

PreSonus Studio One 2.5 update

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PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Met de komst van Studio One v2.5 worden meer dan 100 nieuwe features en fixes geintroduceerd. Vanaf nu is deze gratis update beschikbaar via de update functie in Studio One of via de website van PreSonus. Lees verder om een volledig overzicht van al het nieuws te krijgen.

Universal Control 1.7

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Universal Control 1.7

On November 19, PreSonus® will release version 1.7 of its Universal Control software. This free update to the company’s control-panel software features a significant expansion of the Rational Acoustics Smaart Measurement Technology™ that is integrated into the Virtual StudioLive™ section of Universal Control. The update will be available for download from www.presonus.com/support/downloads. In Universal Control 1.6, PreSonus added Smaart Measurement Technology’s Spectra module to its Virtual StudioLive control/editor/librarian software for all StudioLive mixers, which is part of Universal Control. This version gave StudioLive owners access to an RTA and Spectrograph.

With Universal Control 1.7, StudioLive 24.4.2 and 16.4.2 users gain the abilities to easily view the frequency response of a venue, quickly calculate and set delay-system timing, and verify output connectivity. (Note that these additional capabilities are not available for the StudioLive 16.0.2 due to its different architecture.)

To accomplish this, PreSonus has added three Smaart system-check wizards to VSL. To use these tools, you need to connect a measurement microphone to the StudioLive mixer’s Talkback input. A high-end mic is not required; most measurement mics can do the job.

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